The Johann Georg (Australian) Hirning Family Tree

This page contains the tree for the Johann Georg Hirning family that immigrated to Australia in 1856.

      Christopher Hirning      Maria Baisch
                    |                                |
                          Jacob Hirning         Katharina Frei
                                    |                               |
                                    | _______________|
  Anna Katherina Knehr   Johann Georg Hirning   Anna Barbara Huber
                |                                   |                                    |
                |_________________ |__________________|
                                 |                                     |
                      Johannes Hirning      Anna Barbara Hirning
                                                          Salome Hirning
                                                           Jacob Hirning
                                                         Gottlieb Hirning
                                                        Catherina Hirning
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Our thanks to Mervyn Hirning and Merle Andersen who provided the information for this tree.

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