More about the creators of the Hirning HomePage

You may be wondering who we are, and why we have this homepage. My name is Robert Hirning, and together with my son Mark, we created the Hirning Heritage HomePage because we held the belief that all Hirnings are related. How I came up with the idea was that my son asked me if I wanted to make a webpage, but I wasn't sure what I should put on it. A few weeks later, a couple stopped in to our farm, because they had seen the last name on our mailbox. He introduced himself as "Robert Hirning". I said that my name was Robert Hirning also, and being that the Hirning name is quite rare, we were both surprised that we had the same name. He had been at a cemetery near our home, and was wondering if I knew his past ancestry. At the time, we didn't quite figure out his lineage, but from this the idea for a Hirning Genealogy Webpage came to happen.

I farm and ranch not far from where my grandfather homesteaded in the area of Willa, North Dakota, which is now inexistent. The picture in the background shows what my farm looked like a few winters ago and its relative location to Willa.

It's been exciting to hear from Hirnings around the country and the world, and we hope that this page has provided unique information about your family roots.

My lineage is:
Andreas Hirning, Great-Great Grandfather
Jacob/Magdalena (Weimer) Hirning, Great Grandparents
Fredrich/Carolina (Geigle) Hirning, Grandparents
Emil/Louise (Schneider) Hirning, Parents

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