Descendents of Konrad Hirning

Here we list the known descendents of Konrad Hirning.

Konrad's grandson Ludwig Hirning immigrated to New York around 1900. 
His grandson, Robert C. Hirning, now lives in Oregon.

                 Ludwig Hirning b:1880 d: 1952 
                 Upfingen, Schwaben, Germany
                 Occupation: Tailor
                 +Margaret Eissler b: 1890 d: 1926 Bronx, NY
                 (Ludwig) Clovis Hirning 
                 b: 1906 Bronx NY
                 d: 1982 Katonah, NY
                 Occupation: MD psychiatrist
                 + Jeanne ????      b:1908
       |                   |                     |
       |                   |                     |
 Ellen Hirning       Robert C. Hirning     Margaret Hirning
 b:???               b: 1944 NY            b: 1942  d: 1991 
 +??? Schmidt        Occupation: Plumber   + ??? Shea
                    +Shelley ?? b:1949    
                     Rael C. Hirning
                     b: 1980

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