Hirning Internet Links

This section contains links to various websites containing Historical or Genealogical information.
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Hirning.de-- This site maintained by Ralf Hirning contains records of Hirnings from various churches in the Württemberg, Germany area.

Michael Hirning's Seite-- Contains Hirning Genealogy for his family.

Rootsweb Social Security Death Search--This site allows users to search for Hirnings who were registered in the Social Security Program.

Odessa Library Searches-- Information about Germans from Russia. The St. Petersburg Records contain information on many Hirnings who lived in the Odessa area.

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia--Omaha, NE

Germans from Russia Historical Society--Bismarck, ND. Contains a large number of Hirning relations in its Obituary database.

Campbell County, South Dakota Obituary Listing- This site contains records of Hirning relations who died between 1888-1988 in Campbell County, South Dakota.

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