The Hirning Family Picture Gallery

Johann Jakob Hirning

The following are the family photos of Johann Jakob Hirning
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Jacob Hirning Family Photos:
    Family Photo--taken in the late 1800s. It is his second wife's family.
    Jacob & Magdalena--taken around the time of the family photo or earlier

    Aller-The Boat- A picture of the boat that Jacob's family traveled to America on.

The following pictures are of Jacob's children from his first wife.

Heinrich Hirning Family Photos:
    Henry & Elizabeth Hirning--A picture of Henry and his wife Elizabeth (Klein) Hirning.

    Henry, Elizabeth & Family--A picture of Henry's Family.

    Carolina Hirning Diehl - Daughter of Heinrich & Elizabeth

    Calvin Diehl Family - Husband of Carolina Hirning

Jacob Jr. Hirning Family Photos
    Jacob Jr. Hirning--Taken in Russia, date unknown.

   Jacob Louis Hirning- This is Jacob Jr.'s son Jacob Louis.

Magdalena Hirning Junker Family Photos
    Magdalena Hirning Junker--Taken in Russia, date unknown.

   Private Henry Junker- Son of Peter & Magdalena Junker. Henry served as a private in WWI, and subsequently died in the war.


The following pictures are of Jacob's children from his second wife:

Fredrich Hirning Family Photos:
    Fred & Carolina Hirning Photos--Two photos. One is their family in front of their mudhouse, and the other was taken at Fred & Carolina's 50thWedding Anniversary in 1955.

    Fredrich and Karl's Family--A surprise picture. The people are from L-R: Herbert, Caroline (in the doorway), Dorthea (Karl's Wife), Alvina, Bernice, and Reinhardt Hirning.

Andrew Hirning Family Photos:
    Andrew Hirning Photos--Two photos. One is Andrew and Wilhelmina's Wedding Picture in 1904, and the other is a family photo. They are from photocopies, so the quality is poor.


Christian Hirning Family Photos:
    Christian & Marie Hirning Family--A picture of Christian, Marie, John and Harriet.

John Hirning Family Photos:
    John & Bertha Hirning--A picture of John, Bertha, and son Herbert Hirning

    John, Bertha & Herbert Hirning--Taken a few years after the previous picture.

    John& Art Hirning--A picture of John and his nephew, Arthur Hirning

    Bertha Hirning--John's Wife. Taken in Russia.

Wilhelm Hirning Family Photos:
    Wilhelm Hirning--A picture of Wilhelm.

Christina Hirning Schaeffer Family Photos:
Fred & Christina Schaeffer-- Taken in Fall 1942.

     Christina Schaeffer & Emma Cartwright--Christina and her daughter Emma

     Schaeffer Family Picture--The entire Schaeffer family.

Karl Hirning Family Photos:
    Karl Hirning Photo--A picture of two Hirning couples. They are: Fredrick, Dorthea, Carolina, and Karl Hirning.


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